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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Olympic premiere of climbing in Tokyo reached millions of viewers worldwide and will significantly impact the sport.

The number of new climbing gyms in Singapore and worldwide are also driving growth to the sport. Newer climbing gyms no longer offer just walls to climb on but provide a mix of different services. For example, aside from adult-oriented climbing sessions, Boulder Planet provides programmes specially catered for children. We also have a dedicated kids' climbing area in the gym. Such programmes and facilities ensure a more conducive environment for kids to pick up and develop the skills needed for the sport at a young age.

When children dabble in various activities, it gives them an advantage of discovering their talent and potential early, which they can continue honing as they grow older. For example, Adam Ondra (a renowned climber) started climbing very early when his parents introduced him to the sport. Ondra won his first climbing competition at age six and went on to win the junior competition series in Europe in his teens. In 2021, at 28 years old, he represented the Czech Republic in the Tokyo Olympics and became one of the first few climbing Olympians. His achievements sprang from the early foundation of his climbing skills, surrounded by his supportive parents and peers.

In Singapore, more schools are now recognising climbing for DSA (Direct School Admission). Apart from the National Schools Bouldering Championships held annually by Xinmin Secondary School, more major boulder competition events spread throughout the year organised by the various universities (SMU, NUS, NTU, SP, SUTD).

Now is the perfect time to ride the wave and get into the thick of the action. Boulder Planet's Kids & Youth Bouldering Proficiency Programme (KBPP/YBPP) syllabus is the perfect route to progressing your child's climbing hobby. The future is bright and so wait no more and discover your child's potential at Boulder Planet.

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