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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Rock climbing strengthens the body, develops physical mobility and promotes mental agility.

Rock climbing is a full-body activity that is a great way to enhance your child's overall physical fitness. Through this sport, your child gets to exercise their legs and arms, building endurance.

While climbing, your kids will also need to learn to coordinate their movements to complete their climbs. For example, determining how to step and use their hands on the holds properly helps improve hand-foot-eye coordination in kids.

In bouldering, one of the many disciplines of rock climbing, solving boulder problems is part of the activity, making climbing both a mental and physical activity. When your child tries bouldering for the first time, they may not be sure how to solve the problem immediately. That said, as they climb more and learn new climbing techniques, they will eventually learn how to map out the most efficient way of navigating the climbs. This problem-solving skill can be applied to everyday life and nurtures resilience in children.

After completing their first few climbs, the increase in confidence and self-esteem of your child becomes apparent. When a child climbs, they would have to strive against their fears and use their skills to complete their boulder problems. The resilience they learn through climbing is transferable to their everyday life. Children who are determined can overcome challenges that they may face as they grow up.

Your kids should be having fun while learning, which makes climbing the perfect activity for them. They learn invaluable skills and develop good values while enjoying the play element that climbing brings.

At Boulder Planet, we offer Kids and Youth Bouldering Proficiency Programmes (KBPP/YBPP) where your child can learn bouldering with other young climbers. So if you are searching for a new activity that will help your kids get stronger and gain confidence, enrol them on our programme today!

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