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At Boulder Planet, we take our mission of promoting climbing and the great outdoors seriously. Our efforts are focused on building strong relationships and expanding our network, as we believe that climbers can be excellent ambassadors for both the community and the environment. We are looking for individuals who share our values of fun, freedom, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility to join our team. If you're committed to these ideals and want to make a positive impact on the world, then we welcome you to become a part of our community of passionate climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Director | Co-Founder

Ben Toh

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Director | Co-Founder

Daniel Lim

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Director | Marketing Manager

Patrice Verosil

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Housekeeping Assistant

Helen Tan

    Head Route Setter

    Brandon Gwee

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    Retail Manager

    Ang Ching Siang

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    Programmes Manager

    Iris Lee

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    Events Executive

    Tracy Heng

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    Content Creator

    Jeremy Gan

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    The Face of Boulder Planet

    We are not just another climbing gym.

    We are a passionate team with a wide range of industry experience, including route-setting, marketing, operations, competitions, retail, and more. We believe in the transformative power of rock climbing, and we are committed to building a community-driven space that is good for our people, our community, and our planet. We believe that business can be a force for good, and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable, profitable venture that gives back to the world around us.

    Our Values


    Here’s to the bold ones - the dreamers and doers who inspire us all by pushing human potential. We are big believers in the positive power of defying odds, overcoming obstacles and pushing ourselves past perceived limitations.

    Our founding values takes inspiration from the #CountdownToMars movement and NASA and SpaceX missions. These are living testament to human perseverance and the embodiment of our philosophy: Nothing Out Of Reach.

    People For The Planet

    We’re people for the planet. We protect and preserve because we believe that every business, no matter how small, must do its part for the environment and to combat climate change. We constantly push ourselves and our community to engage and inspire environmental activism, partnerships and collaborations. With these, we reduce our impact that will help preserve and protect our planet.

    Aston's love for climbing began at the age of seven when he started climbing with his dad. With every challenge he faced, his passion grew stronger. Training is what Aston enjoys the most as it allows him to push harder and achieve higher grades. Aston aspires to climb at an elite level and is willing to work hard, seek support, and take it step by step to make his dream come true.

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    Aston Willmott

    Meet Natalie, a talented 15-year-old climber from Singapore who's passionate about reaching new heights. Her love for the sport began at eight years old, and she's been working hard ever since to achieve competitive success. Currently representing Singapore at the 2022 IFSC Youth World Championships, Natalie aspires to compete on the international stage, including the Olympics. Follow her journey with Team Boulder Planet, and be inspired by her dedication and determination.

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    Natalie Goh

    A familiar face in our community, we’re happy to welcome Gavin Chiam as a Boulder Planet Athlete!

    He started climbing in 2010 and has many notable achievements in his competitive career. Gavin is also an active Coach and Route Setter in the Singapore climbing scene.

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    Gavin Chiam

    Boulder Planet Athletes

    Pushing the limits of what's possible.

    Our team of elite climbers have achieved incredible feats, conquering some of the toughest routes and boulder problems, and pushing the limits of what's possible in climbing. With years of experience and a relentless passion for the sport, our athletes embody the spirit of grit, determination, and perseverance that defines the rock climbing community.

    Tracy is an avid climber and boulderer who enjoys spending her free time at bouldering gyms. Her other hobbies include mountain biking, landscape photography, traveling, and food. She started climbing in September 2021 and quickly fell in love with the sport. Tracy is driven by her desire to be better and to achieve the rush of finally sending a project. Tracy aspires to be strong enough to send good climbs at Khon Kaen and Fontainebleau and hopes to try deep-water soloing in the future.

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    Tracy Heng

    Benedict started climbing in Polytechnic and what began as a sport to lose weight has become his passion and obsession. Constant improvement is his aim, and he focuses on being aware of micro body positions and applying what he has learned from previous projects. Benedict's ultimate goal is to be better than his previous self, and he hopes to have the courage to join novice competitions again.

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    Benedict Choi

    Murtadha, a 27-year-old staff nurse, started climbing six years ago after a friend introduced it to him as a way to overcome his fears. He finds a sense of accomplishment when he progresses and achieves his climbing goals, experiencing the wonderful and blissful joy of success. Murtadha aspires to become a decent climber, achieving intermediate stages, V10 in boulder outdoor, and 7b in lead, and his dream is to climb Yosemite and camp on the sides of the wall.

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    Saifulbahrein Murtadha

    Crystal is a friendly climber with a passion for drawing, singing, and crocheting. She started climbing to overcome her fear of heights and get fit, which has significantly improved her confidence. As a coach, she aspires to teach people of all ages how to climb and gain confidence on the walls. She hopes to impart her knowledge and help others through her love of climbing.

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    Crystal Goh

    Boulder Planet Brand Ambassadors

    Get to know our amazing brand ambassadors.

    A group of climbers who are beloved in the climbing community for their energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering support for their fellow climbers. With their infectious energy and positive attitude, our brand ambassadors embody the spirit of community, passion, and camaraderie that defines the sport of climbing. They're always there to cheer on a first-time climber or push themselves to new heights, and their presence in the gym is an inspiration to all. We're proud to have them represent our gym and can't wait for you to meet them. Next time you're at Boulder Planet, be sure to say hello to our brand ambassadors - they'll be the ones with the big smiles and even bigger personalities!



    The climate conversation is ongoing. So no matter how small, all businesses need to get involved in this conversation to combat climate change, reverse ocean pollution, and help sustain our precious ecosystems. Singapore may be a small country, but we all must help reduce our footprint.​To hold ourselves and our business accountable, we have created the Boulder Planet Preserve & Protect Environmental Pact.

    Zero Single-Use Plastic Policy


    Boulder Planet has a "Zero Single-Use Plastic Policy" in place at our facility and on any organized field trips. We do not sell single-use plastic bottled products and provide water coolers for climbers to refill their reusable water bottles. The gym does not use plastic bags and encourages climbers to bring their shopping bags. Additionally, the use of plastic straws is prohibited within the gym. We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle to keep Singapore clean and protect the environment from pollution.

    Community Events / Outreach Programmes


    Boulder Planet is taking the lead in promoting sustainable lifestyles and combatting climate change! Get ready for exciting community events, engaging educational content, and game-changing collaborations with Singapore-based businesses that share our sustainability mission. Together, let's inspire individual actions and achieve a collective impact towards a better world.

    We Are Boulder Planet

    Boulder Planet is a bouldering gym where you can have safe, fun and progressive climbing. Bringing the best talents, equipment and materials from over the world, we aim to build a community that enjoys and grows with the sport.​ Join us and explore your body's natural aptitude for movement and our movement to be climate-aware and climate-responsible global citizens.

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