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(Sembawang Outlet)

BP Rocketeers is an in-depth guided weekly kids class aimed at bettering one’s climbing and social skills through games and other activities. BP Rocketeers is a structured class that would be led by trained coaches, with all necessary knowledge and proper guidance.


This weekly class aims to serve as a platform for kids to not only kick start their climbing journey but also develop their gross and fine motor skills. As a child makes progress and improvement is seen in his/her climbing competency, the classes go deeper into the technicalities of rock-climbing.

Ideal For:

  • Children below the age of 13

  • Children who want to play sports weekly

  • Children who want to develop their physical and athletic abilities

More information:

  • An assessment session needs to be booked before jo

  • 1.5 hour per class

  • Saturday or/and Sunday 9am-10:30am

  • Age: 6-12

  • Minimum height: 90cm

  • Coach to student ratio 1 : 4

  • Packages are not shareable; only for 1 child

Available Packages (Sessions)

Package of 4

Package of 8

Package of 12

What Your Child Can Expect

  • Fun, patient and friendly coaches

  • Experienced and competent coaches

  • Making new friends who shares the same hobby/passion

  • Games, climbing challenges and floor exercises

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