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We're people for the planet.
We protect and preserve.

We believe that every business, no matter how small, must do its part for the environment and to combat climate change. We constantly push ourselves and our community to engage and inspire environmental activism, partnerships and collaborations. These reduce our impact, which will help preserve and protect our planet.

We engage in projects with an alliance of Singapore-based businesses that share our values and sustainability mission.


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Spacerock performance chalk is fully developed, tested and made in Singapore. Their local production makes them the freshest powdered chalk on the market. By combining different-sized particles, their unique blend allows for better and longer-lasting coats on your hands and even feels sticky to the touch. 


It is also vital to Spacerock that their chalk is sustainably sourced. That is why instead of magnesite mines, their magnesium carbonate is extracted from the pristine sea waters of Japan, which is less environmentally costly.

Grip Jammers

Established in 2015, Grip Jammers' products are offered as a unique alternative to standard chalk bags. The brand aims to make chalking more fun and for its creations to add a special touch to one's climbing gear collection.


The chalk bags you see here are a step toward empowering stay-at-home mothers by providing them with an additional income stream. Each bag is also reinforced at the rim using upcycled materials that would have otherwise been disposed of after a single use.

Stik N’ Grip

Sometime in November 2018, a group of friends had casual conversations about plugging in the needs of the local climbing community. This quickly turned into more serious discussions and gradually how the concept of Stik N’ Grip formed.⁣⁣

They began experimenting - from sewing kits and shoe laces, to different brands of rubber and adhesives - and after 2 months, Stik N’ Grip put out a few resoled pairs ready for climbing again. They received valuable feedback; since then, they have been honing their craft and readying ourselves to serve the community. ⁣⁣


Here at isaac.thread, we incorporate sustainability in the hand-crafting and delivery of each and every product we produce. In handmaking each isaac bag, we strive to use materials that are better for the environment, namely secondhand fabrics and more sustainable materials such as organic jersey. We also reuse polymailers and paper in the packaging of the orders we send out.


We hope that with your isaac bag, you will be able to experience your everyday to the fullest potential!

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