No Membership / Passes yet?

You may click here to purchase our passes. Buy from our BP app: Step 1: Download our app link here ( iPhone / Android).
Step 2: Create an account Step 3: Log in here and add 'Boulder Planet' to the places you visit.
Step 3: Buy your Membership/Passes.

Using your existing Membership / Passes

Step 1: Select the correct date on the calendar then click “Book” on your desired climbing session. Step 2: Log in to your Mindbody account. Step 3: Complete your booking.

Sharing passes?

You can share your Entry Passes with up to 4 other climbers by linking their Mindbody accounts to yours. Sharing will allow all linked accounts to make bookings using your passes. All linked accounts will remain connected until the Primary account holder requests for removal. If you would like to share your passes, please ensure that they have downloaded our BP app and completed their accounts before contacting us via our Business Whatsapp.

What are your booking / cancellation policies

Cancellation of bookings must be made 6 hours before start of booked session. Any cancellations made with less than 6 hours notice will incur a deduction of Entry Passes.



Our slots open 7 days in advance.